The Love|Fear Series focuses on, and explores, the symbiotic relationship between Love and Fear.

Every “Story” will consist of two photographs – a color image, which carries a theme of “love” and a black & white image that carries a theme of fear. You will find new entries added to this page whenever my muse allows it.


“Human” © 2017 J. William Brown


One of the rare occasions I actually got up at a decent time, packed my bag, and hit the town. Ended up in DTLA and did some Street Photography. Unsatisfied, I headed back to my car. This homeless man was wandering around, barefoot, softly mumbling to passersby for a pair of shoes. When he got to me, I offered him ten dollars instead and asked if I could take his photo.

“Lost” © 2017 J. William Brown


After I gave him ten dollars and snapped my photos, he wandered across the street, still on his hunt for shoes. At one point he stopped on the corner, turned, and looked out at the city. He seemed afraid. I’m not sure if he ever got himself a pair of shoes; at the very least, I hope he spent my ten dollars on a warm meal. Most importantly, though, I hope he finds happiness.